Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Our Special Visitors

Ghost taught me everything I know about
the afterlife and pottery.

Do you believe in life after death?  Do you think we’re “watched over” by our loved ones who have passed away?  I believe in God, but I wouldn’t classify myself as religious.  I’ve dabbled in many different religions and spiritual beliefs, but as is typical for my generation, have never committed to anything.  My version of Heaven and Hell comes straight from Patrick Swayze in Ghost.  Today I’ve been confronted to face my views on religion and after-life in the most unlikely way.

While out walking with my children this morning, my three year old questioned me on the grumpy garbage man who didn’t respond to his cheerful “hello”.  I explained that not everyone is as friendly as we are sweetheart and maybe if we worked with smelly rubbish all day we’d be grumpy too.  He pondered that for a moment and proceeded to tell me that he always says hello to the people in the sky.  Before I had time to question him, he’d moved on to the next topic in the typical machine-gun pace of a toddler.  

Ten minutes later and he was telling me he saw a baby up in the tree and could I get him a ladder so he could see the baby.  I asked him some questions, but couldn’t make sense of any of his answers.

I didn’t give it too much thought until I raised it with my husband this evening.  He’s a spiritual soul and a bit of a deep thinker.  He gave a knowing nod and started asking our little Spirit Whisperer more about these people in the sky he talks to.  
“The baby is sad because she’s lost her dummy and can’t find her Mummy or Daddy.”  


Now, my son has an active imagination, loves to role-play and at times often believes he is Murray Wiggle.  So I’m torn as to what the best approach is with this.  

My husband and I both have friends and family members on the “other side” and the thought of them popping by to get to know my children fills my heart with joy.  We’ve joked in the past about our “visitors” who come to play with the kids when we hear Tickle-Me Elmo play on his own.   I’m beginning to now entertain the idea that there’s perhaps more to this than battery malfunctions.

I know that religion and afterlife is such a personal matter for us all and I would never proclaim my views over those of anyone else.  In fact, I don’t think I know what to think.  I do however believe in the power of social media to help solve problems, so turn to you dear reader for your advice on what to do with my little John Edwards.  

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