Tuesday, May 08, 2012

For the Love of Writing

I began 2012 like most people, with hope for a fresh start and some positive change in my life.  I had already committed to a short online writing course and was excited to be connecting again to something I once loved so much.

You see, as an angst-filled 18 year old, writing was my solace and vehicle to vent.  I felt terribly artistic and would sit in my room writing, really writing with a pen, smoking cigarettes and listening to Massive Attack.  I covered an old notebook in brown paper, because this seemed like a creative thing to do and filled it with beautiful words. 

For some reason I connected writing with only painful emotions, so a few years later when I fell in love, moved to the beach and gave up the smokes, I also gave up my writing.  

What began as just a little writing course has now snowballed into something that consumes every spare square of my mind.  Doors have opened, strangers are reading what I write and I’m even getting paid for it.  I have never felt on a surer path and am seeing obstacles removed only moments after I’ve manifested them.
This week I have started to entertain the idea of writing a book.  I have no idea what it will be about, but like all this other writing business, I’ve planted the seed and trust that something fabulous will grow from it.  

With yet another reminder that I’m on the right path, yesterday I stumbled across my old brown paper notebook.  So I’m making a real out-loud commitment to a second blog post a week which will be an entry from the Brown-Paper Notebook.  This could be interesting and I’m going to have to do a bit of a Facebook inventory to check which old boyfriends I could be embarrassing myself in front of.  

It will be a laugh anyway and at very least, I’m really looking forward to the trip down memory lane.

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